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The Internet is a fascinating place full of useful information. Just because it contains a little bit (or more) for everyone, it can be sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking. Even for content creators. This is why 411 Locals dedicates today’s post to some useful content tools you may not have found yet. Best of all – they are free! Let’s learn more about them below:

Headline Generators

1. Impact blog title generator
It helps writers create headlines suitable for their blog posts. How to use: add a topic, then click a button, and the tool will generate some suggestions for your posts. When you find the title you like best, save it to your notebook by clicking the heart icon. Your list of preferred titles can then be sent to your email address.

2. CoSchedule headline analyzer
It analyzes the effectiveness of your title by taking several factors in consideration:

  • The type of your headline
  • Character count
  • Word count

The tool can also suggest which keywords you can use for your titles.

3. Portent Idea Content Generator
It generates blog titles for you. But that’s not all. It can also generate suitable topics based on your keywords.

Research and discovery tools

  • Google Trends – It tracks the popularity of keywords in Google search and is useful for getting quality tools and traffic. It shows popular words and topics people are searching for, as well as the seasonality of trends.
  • Feedly ( also has a paid version) – a great tools for managing your magazines, podcasts, blogs, Youtube videos, and more. It keeps all your content in one place.
  • SE Ranking ( also has a paid version) – Analyzes the uniqueness and performance in search of your content.
  • Instapaper ( also has a paid version) – It is most suitable for those who want to watch videos and read articles across devices, as well as save interesting information and the notes they have created.

Content creation tools

  • Piktochart ( also has a paid version) – Helps you create infographics in an easy and fun manner. It will be especially useful to you if you don’t specialize in web design.
  • ( also has a paid version)- another amazing tool for those who are not good at design. It’s an online infographic editor helping you create amazing storylines by using a wide range of ready or customizable templates.
  • PowToon – With the help of this tool, it is possible to create animated presentations and videos without the assistance of a graphic designer. Very easy to use, yet ensures great results. Also allows you to record voice with your video or presentation.
  • Storify ( also has a paid version) – A straightforward way to create and collect the highest quality live blog stories. This tool is extremely efficient. Allows you to instantly connect social media accounts and promote content with greater ease. Helps you find tweets, videos, images, etc. from social networks and integrate them into the content.
  • ThingLink ( also has a paid version) – A tool helping you improve the engagement rate of your readers. Quite fun to use and can boost the results of your blog. Adds entertainment to your blog posts by letting you augment visual content with text, images, video, and audio.
  • Mou ( also has a paid version) – Mou is a great Markdown editor for developers. It is loaded with keyboard shortcuts, custom themes and CSS, sync scroll, live preview, auto save, HTML and PDF export, and more.
  • Quickmeme – Memes are an effective content presentation method. They consist of recognizable images with some text to deliver a certain message. They are easy to make, funny, memorable, shareable, and therefore more and more often used in blogs. This tool helps you create your own memes quite easily.

We are sure that you will find these tools useful when creating content. However, if you don’t have the time to do this, but you have to, you can always contact 411Locals to discuss your ideas and let us give you the right solutions.