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Years ago, using Facebook for SEO was kinda simple – you’re writing a killer article, post it in a high PR directory, share the link on Facebook, and then here comes the profit. Nowadays, even the profound understanding of FB rules and regulations regarding brands and publishers leaves the concept of sharing vague and uncertain. July 2016 marked the beginning of a friends-and-family oriented change of the algorithm. So what about SEO? What’s in it for me? And how to make the audience share my content? Those are the most frequently asked questions lately, and here are some hints based on the recent 411 Locals practice.

Lighthearted Jokes Trigger Shares

A significant part of the FB users regard the social media as a slightly more diverse version of 9GAG. These people are here to like and share memes, cats, fun stuff, something positive in the form of videos, gifs or some other content that is suitable for a good laugh. The fun-loving users make up for almost half of our sharing audience.

Positive Social Engagement Weights More

Nearly 20% of the surveyed users are trying to look good and open-minded. It means that after the fun stuff, the most shareable type of content is the positive side of people’s activities. Such people are eager to announce their interest in sports, hobbies, pop culture, etc.. Also, they do take sides and commit themselves to causes and politically-inclined topics.

Emotional Content That Is Non-Controversial Prevails

The 13% of shares go to content that invokes emotional answers and reactions in general. However, the trolling tactics are not that popular as they used to be. Most of these shares show that agreement and building a community are more sought after than the constant urge to disrupt conversations and provoking the participants.

Being Useful Gets 11%

Here is the niche where most SEO companies would like to succeed – to grab the attention of those who read news, check offers, search for guides and testimonials. This is a predominantly business-oriented group which is the hope for your content marketing strategy.

The “Others” Seek Attention

The remaining 11% of the surveyed users appreciate content that makes themselves interesting. Being also part of the 411Locals experiment, this group represents a variable audience where the individual agenda determines the end result.

So what are the conclusions of this survey? Will the last changes of the algorithm alter your FB strategy? The answer is the following: SEOs should publish content that is industry-relevant. Also, that content must be inspiring, emotional, fun, educational and positive.