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Content is an effective marketing strategy that is implemented to increase traffic and also to help you grow your audience and establish long-lasting relationships with it. To achieve this, you need to earn the trust of your site’s visitors.

The 2012 study called “The Trust Factor” offers 8 interesting solutions when it comes to building
trust. Here they are:

1. The trust-instilling content is written for and by enthusiasts
Create with passion rather than pomposity. Content is consumed by people in different ways and for many different reasons. Some may read to pass the time, while others will seek a solution to a problem. Still others will do it to get inspired. The latter don’t want anything but the chance to learn more and become excited. Therefore, expertise is not always crucial, even if it is welcome.

2. The content that people trust is based on a deep level of experience or understanding
Of course, there are other audiences than just enthusiasts. Another audience, for example, consists of solution-seekers. They read carefully and only trust content written by experts or at least experienced people. Such content should be useful and insightful. It takes a deep understanding of the topic to create it and oftentimes, it is written by industry authorities. It can come as a result of research or first-hand experience.

3. The content that people trust offers many quality references backing up its main point.
Linkbuilding may be irreplaceable when it comes to content marketing, but the potential of source linking is unleveraged. Content based on data will establish you as an expert. However, these articles should be backed up by the original context of the data.
It’s important to note that there’s a thin line between creation and curation. If you cross it, the credibility of your brand will be diminished. If you maintain it, however, with quality references and source links, your brand’s credibility will actually grow.

4. Trust building content stays aways from clichés and has some honesty
The age of digital publishing is characterized by the presence of numerous content creators competing with each other. You will not stand out from the crowd if you have nothing original to show. If, however, your marketing strategy revolves around transparency, you will earn a competitive edge.

Some examples of transparent marketing strategies include the disclosure of sourcing (factories, manufacturing process, labor) and transparency about pricing (manufacturing costs and profits). This is how the trust of the customer is earned.

5. The trustworthy content is succinct, to-the-point, and straightforward
It is not always necessary to build your entire philosophy around transparency. Honesty is another way to attract customers. No matter how complex the topic of your content is, you should stay to the point and be succinct.

6. If you want to develop trust, you should not insult the intelligence of your readers
The biggest trap of content marketing is the sacrifice of quality to quantity. However, your audience rarely forgives inconsistent quality. Therefore, produce content that is highly relevant.

7. Have your unique, recognisable style
Find your own unique voice that promises adventure or exudes luxury. Your two main goals are to attract and to convert. How successful you are in achieving your target is determined by your creativity, dedication, and prowess.
8. Create relatable content using a more personal tone
Often used in social media campaigns, this strategy can also be effective in content marketing.
Keep your language plain, your sentences short, and add a little humor whenever your topic allows it. Humor reminds your audience that you are a real person, someone like them, and it also triggers emotions.
Also, write from a first-person perspective and use a direct tone. This makes it easier for your audience to accept advice from you. Back up your arguments with your own real-life examples.