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5 Latest Plugins And Creative WordPress Themes Used By 411Locals


If you follow the WordPress trends without double checking, you will be doing something mainstream.Globally, more than 70% of the websites are now powered by WP. With all the free plugins and themes, a good part of those sites look too similar to each other. So how do we stand as a unique site, which is more likely to be noticed? What plugins and themes work well for making a WP site user-friendly, SEO-friendly and with high content marketing efficiency? Here are some of the templates and extensions working for 411 Locals.

Masonry Layout

It is a Pinterest-like grid. The card-based layouts are easily seen on Pinterest, Dribble, Behance, Twitter, Facebook, G+ and so forth. This pattern slices your content and make it readable. It is also a mobile-friendly solution. With a structure like this, you can start your blog, online magazine, or e-commerce site with ease.

Parallax Scroll

This is the solution when you wish to create a header, or even a custom page with a scrolling parallax background by using only simple shortcodes. You only need to create the content needed for this specific post type. The admin page will display the shortcode that fits. You only need to toss the code into your page or post. Or else, implement the plugin straight into your theme or php code.


Why Link Building Should Be Back Again in 2016


As an SEO strategy, link building has nothing to do with the spammy process it was five years ago. Most webmasters and SEOs nowadays consider the whole thing to be some sort of a Pandora’s box. According to the last survey 411Locals, link building gets awfully neglected as a strategy. What’s more baffling is that the number of participants not using link building is almost 40 percent. So, how can you put this old and once-great approach to work for you again?

Adapting to 5 Years Of Changes Will Do

Ignoring such a valuable ranking factor is inexplicable, given the fact that Google calculates authority mainly by using backlink profiles. The solution in 2016 is to focus on link quality instead of link quantity. This is the single most relevant strategy since the first Penguin update. Which leads to the second important principle.

Avoiding Penalties Means Building High-Quality Links

The successful approach to link building means that your link building campaign will take time – time you should be spending productively. And building hundreds of bad links just to disavow them if an update penalizes your site is indeed a waste of your precious time. (more…)

5 Sure-Fire SEO Approaches That Will Make Your Facebook Content Viral

Social media illustration

Years ago, using Facebook for SEO was kinda simple – you’re writing a killer article, post it in a high PR directory, share the link on Facebook, and then here comes the profit. Nowadays, even the profound understanding of FB rules and regulations regarding brands and publishers leaves the concept of sharing vague and uncertain. July 2016 marked the beginning of a friends-and-family oriented change of the algorithm. So what about SEO? What’s in it for me? And how to make the audience share my content? Those are the most frequently asked questions lately, and here are some hints based on the recent 411 Locals practice.

Lighthearted Jokes Trigger Shares

A significant part of the FB users regard the social media as a slightly more diverse version of 9GAG. These people are here to like and share memes, cats, fun stuff, something positive in the form of videos, gifs or some other content that is suitable for a good laugh. The fun-loving users make up for almost half of our sharing audience. (more…)

411Locals Named One of the Top Best Local SEO Companies for March 2016


Things are moving fast in the world of SEO, and we are honored to see that other experts in the field recognize our efforts to keeping up with the latest trends and practices in the business. Recently, 411Locals was named among the 10 best local SEO companies – a great affirmation to the fact that our work is appreciated by both our clients and colleagues.

More than 100 companies around the world have been appointed to the monthly FindBestSEO Top 10 Lists. The criterias each company is evaluated upon include effective use of various market channels, client experiences, overall business practices, as well as previous campaign success stories. We are pleased to see that 411Locals scored impressive results on each of these categories.

411 Locals Awarded for Best SEO Software

Notepad with word seo concept and glasses

It is our great pleasure to announce that 411 Locals won the Best SEO Software award at the second annual US Search Awards held in association with Pubcon. The award was granted due to innovation in the SEO software development, and precisely for the program called Checker*. We are honored and grateful for this award. It adds to the fact that 411Locals is constantly pushing the envelope of innovation by creating software and providing services that not only simplify the already complicated SEO world, but also ensure complete customer satisfaction.

*Checker is a software that crawls the web and analyses data related to search results.