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Turning Social Media into a Marketing Tool Will Save You Time

When different social media platforms were being born and started rising, we saw that groundbreaking changes and even more hype was surrounding each of the newest big names on the web.

These are the tools that determined the next phase of our evolution as web users, and the reason behind that is the lightning speed at which they allow us to expand our audience. However, this creates another type of competition, a battleground where you have to adapt instantly if you want to compete with thousands of competing messages flying from side to side at any given moment.

Today’s article is another one about copywriting, and more about smart content that experienced marketers use for advertising throughout social media. We will also cover the necessary limits we have to establish in order to save the time that is so easily wasted once we get immersed in online social networks.

To emphasize on the actual impact that social media has made on businesses lately, check out the numbers conducted from a research made by MarketingTechBlog:



Do you think that you are responsible with your content marketing? Think again!

Time for Content

5 Examples of mistakes in the logic of content marketers

The demand for content in all of its variations is constantly increasing, and it has never been as high as it currently is. For that reason, content creators are sometimes forced by circumstances to fill that demand with not-so-awesome results because of the heavy publishing schedules and the decreasing variety of different topics.

This often leads to falling into deception and delusion about what is reasonable and what isn’t. Dilemmas like that can be quite frustrating, and when combined with the nagging schedule, the resulting produce is not so promising. The outcome is that content creators start looking dull and sometimes even inexperienced in what they do, which in turn leads to mistrust with the audiences.

There is no argument that producing logical content with no compromise and inconsistencies will always define the writer as a real professional, ultimately setting him or her apart from the spammy and thoughtless content marketers.

Let’s check out some of the mistakes often seen in such cases:

  1. Making hasty assumptions

This is an often occurrence, and it’s there for a reason. However, when we add the speed of which we are forced to write into the equation, content creators are usually guilty of that because of the whole impatience surrounding the writing process.

The results we use to create our arguments and publish the final content are often based on limited research, using small samples of the issue being discussed and inconclusive articles that always leave more to be answered. This is quite limiting and preventing from reaching a meaningful end to the subject. (more…)

Enhance the First Impression of Your Website

website  first good impression

Give Your Visitors Something to be Amazed About!

Pay a visit to your website now and take a look at it from a different perspective, ignoring any of the written or visual content that might exist there.
Now, can you make sense of what your website is communicating to the audience in a non-verbal way?

Answer these questions for yourself:

  • Does the design look like it was created by a knowledgeable and skilled pro, or an overenthusiastic person who has just started out in this area?
  • Can you instantly determine where the reader’s eye should be directed to at first?
  • Does the initial impression of the site give the confidence that you can solve the user’s problem?
  • Imagine that you are a stranger there, would you classify this business as competent, trustworthy and capable enough to offer exactly what you need?


Small Business: Understanding the Competition

competition_small_business1. Pricing and why. Finding pricing is as easy as calling or checking out your competitor’s website, but also look for any hidden fees for services if applicable. Many industries are notorious for this. That information can be helpful in marketing materials for example. It can also give you an idea of where your business is at by comparison. That’s the easy part. Next, try to find out why competitors charge what they do. Maybe they have to charge X due to overhead and other costs, maybe they are able to charge more because they are better known or more trusted, maybe they charge less than you are able to. Whatever the case, understanding why they set their prices where they do will let you know what your options are. Maybe you can start charging more. Maybe you need to figure out ways to lower your prices or to better justify prices. Maybe you’ll discover methods that will allow you to lower your prices. This information will change regularly, so try to keep up to date. (more…)

Customers Are Changing, Are You Ready?

customers-are-chaingingFor the last 10,000 years two-thirds of the buying and selling (or trading) process has been controlled by the seller. The seller has control over the product, the seller has control over information about the product (for the most part) and the only aspect the consumer controls is whether or not to buy.

That is no longer the case, not to the extent it had been. Today the customer is framing the information around the product to a far greater extent, and it’s going to continue to increase.

It’s not doom and gloom though, it’s a good thing. It means better products and service for consumers, which means better businesses rise to the top regardless of bankroll or tricky messaging. Think about it, as scary as it sounds at first to lose control over much of your messaging, would you rather let the customer decide, let the chips fall where they may? Or risk some business like yours, but bigger and richer coming in and putting you out of business, just because they have 100% control over perception and the ability to drown your business out? Wouldn’t you rather a fair fight? (more…)

Happy New Year 2015


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