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Should We Optimize For Voice Search?

We know that the SEO in 2018 will drastically change the  way we optimize for mobile searches for sure. We are positive about this, and we are looking forward to trying out new strategies. Will it be worth it though? This is the second article of 411 Locals about voice searching and we have never been more certain that it is much important for all those who want to stay in the SEO game in 2018.


Content Marketing Strategy Tips

Ever since the Hummingbird algorithm update, quality and consist content became top-of-mind for many SEOs. We, at 411 Locals, have always wanted to produce better quality content, and here are some tips that have worked over the years for us.


Voice Search Changes Everything

Yext VP of Industry Insights Duane Forrester explains on his new e-book, “How Voice Search Changes Everything” what marketers can do to adapt and compete. We, at 411, Locals found that interesting, especially with Google’s announcement in 2016 that 20% of all mobile queries were voice searches. Whether you are a competing marketer or not, you might find the following information intriguing, because, let’s face it – the future is here and voice will soon become a primary search interface.


Properly Presented Content – The Key to Quality

In the SEO game, good content is not a guarantee for a low bounce rate on your website. We, at 411 Locals, face challenges like this every day and will give you a piece of advice on how both how to turn low-quality content into neatly organized and how to proceed with good-quality content that is giving you high bounce rate.

As we have said many times before, keeping up with the latest algorithm updates is impossible. Besides, if you are happy with your current placement and you haven’t seen a huge drop in your traffic, you don’t have reasons to be worried, right? Then why do you feel your content might be treading on thin ice? Stay with us, our goal is to help you decide if your content needs merging, improving in some way, or just to be removed.


The Effective Content Strategy That Will Help You Achieve Better SEO Results

Content strategy is an important aspect of SEO since content and links are among the top three ranking factors in search. This is today’s message of 411 Locals.

Nevertheless, creating content for content’s sake alone does not bring results. Every day, millions of blog posts get published and you have to create content that stands out from the rest and gets worthwhile links. This is where you should start building your strategy.

It includes:

  • Prioritizing topics and themes of smaller difficulty
  • Layering content and internal linking that is optimal
  • A good understanding of linkability and the opportunities for such
  • Regularly maintaining and upkeeping existing content

No complete SEO strategy can do without these processes. (more…)

14 Free Tools That Can Improve Your Content, Presented by 411 Locals

The Internet is a fascinating place full of useful information. Just because it contains a little bit (or more) for everyone, it can be sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking. Even for content creators. This is why 411 Locals dedicates today’s post to some useful content tools you may not have found yet. Best of all – they are free! Let’s learn more about them below:

Headline Generators

1. Impact blog title generator
It helps writers create headlines suitable for their blog posts. How to use: add a topic, then click a button, and the tool will generate some suggestions for your posts. When you find the title you like best, save it to your notebook by clicking the heart icon. Your list of preferred titles can then be sent to your email address.

2. CoSchedule headline analyzer
It analyzes the effectiveness of your title by taking several factors in consideration:

  • The type of your headline
  • Character count
  • Word count

The tool can also suggest which keywords you can use for your titles. (more…)