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Factors Google Probably Considers

factors-google-considerNow it needs to be said here that no one really knows everything that goes into how Google indexes different websites. That’s what the Internet is basically, a giant index that returns results prioritized according to the way it is indexed. It’s believed that not even a single person at Google knows everything about their algorithm because different aspects of it are compartmentalized and by design not shared. It may even be the case that some of it is automated so literally no human really knows for sure, but that last part is conjecture. What we do know is that if no single person at Google knows for sure, certainly any marketer or SEO expert who claims to know is probably lying.


About Link Spam

link network spamLink Spam is a term used for a large number of irrelevant links to a particular site for the purpose of increasing search rankings in Google. For example, if you own a Deli and your website has backlinks from blogs about shoes, forums about working out, a site about popular baby names, whatever the case may be, not only are you not really targeting your customer, Google is doing everything they can to make sure all that work you put into getting all of these random links results in your page being ranked even lower.


What is Google Panda? What Does it Mean for My Business?

What is google panda update?

Unless you work for Google, do SEO, or are really on top of your marketing, you probably haven’t heard of Panda. It’s the most recent evolution of the Google web crawlers—those things that decide where your website is going to show up in a search. Learning just a little about these changes can give you a huge advantage over your competition.

How will understanding Panda give me an advantage?
You’ll have a better idea of who to hire for your online marketing and SEO
You’ll know when they are marketing the right way online, and when they are still using strategies based on older optimization models (which are no longer as effective).
And for those with a limited budget, you will be able to do more of your marketing and optimization in-house the right way, saving a whole lot of money.