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The Unimaginable Benefits of Mixing SEO with UX

user experience based design with SEO

Tough, but Worth It!

We are already familiar with the term UX (user experience) and its place in the world of web design and online advertising. This time around, we are bringing a new element into the mix, and it is called CX (customer experience). While UX is focused on users in general, Customer Experience is a relatively new discipline that is focused more strictly on actual clients, whether they are current or potential ones.

You may think that the difference between CX and UX is almost non-existent, but this would be a really wrong assumption. They are defined in two very different ways, and you can learn about what separates them right here.

Going back to Search Engine Optimization, we shouldn’t neglect that it is also focused on both users and potential clients, but its effects are felt mostly in the time lapse before and after you actually arrive to a particular website or another kind of digital experience. (more…)

What Is Google’s Manual Spam Action?

Avoiding and Preventing Google’s Intervention

The most terrifying words that can make a website owner’s skin crawl are “Google’s updating the algorithm again.” This is not intended to be a fear-mongering article, but you are free to make your own conclusions.
So, when we are talking about Google and its algorithms, we always deduce to the most negative results, bad outcome and overall apocalyptic expectations. The most common reason for the search engine to look upon your website with a frown is the possible spam that you may have accidentally included.

What are the most common types of spam:

User generated spam
Spammers that use automated tools intend to spam your website (depending on its type) with unwanted and irrelevant messages that take advantage of your traffic and direct it to their sources.
The measures you can take here are simply to moderate your site better and take advantage of solutions such as captcha and recaptchas.
If you happen to receive a penalty because of this you should clean it up entirely, not sparing anything that shows the slightest hint of spam. (more…)

New Trends and Successful Web Design for 2015

Yes, there are many recognizable patterns that seem like they are appearing again and again, but there is a good reason for that. From an industry perspective they are called design techniques, but usually people refer to them as design trends, which is intuitive because new, exciting and innovative elements are the ones that are trending the most throughout the web.

In this post, we will dive into the finest that this field has to offer. The following elements have been recognized by modern web designers and will be getting more and more into most of the websites we see while browsing. They are created by talented people who have what it takes to push the boundaries and discover what hides beyond them. Enjoy the excitement that the future of web design brings…

Listed icons and featuresfeatured_icons

Mobile apps, creative agencies and startups are known for utilizing unique graphics and blocks of text to accent the elements in their websites. You will often find these features listed on the homepage with a couple of sentences paired with small and attractive icons.
This is not specified as a separate example among the recent trends and has no official name, so the term feature lists will do for now. They are very helpful and key to understanding what the text is about because it helps describe the text-based lists with icons that show what you mean by those few sentences. (more…)

Ranking Factors That Continue to Be Important for SEO in 2015

2015 most important seo ranking factors 411localsWe are all familiar with the hundreds of different key factors that either contribute to the rank of our website, or do the opposite – they bring it down. However, as the advancements go, we constantly see changes and fluctuations in Google’s results. This brings to mind that some things may pass, but other things will always stay the same.

In general, a reliable and efficient SEO strategy that 411 Locals would suggest consists of several key features:

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Colleagues quarreling

We all can become emotional at work; a favorite project was canceled after you put a lot of work into it, a friend is fired, problems with a coworker, difficult customers, a difficult boss, etc. The extent to which these things bother some varies but everyone feels these things. The problem is of course that while at work you cannot let it affect your performance. This is especially vital for managers, directors, and others in a position of authority because those sorts of negative feelings can begin to infiltrate the entire office.

Ignoring it or trying to build a shell around yourself are both short term solutions and are as likely to cause an even worse blowup over time, so instead let’s look at ways to handle things (more…)

15 Most Visited Sites and What Customers Want from Yours


Unique Visits Per Month
1. Google1,100,000,000
2. YouTube1,000,000,000
3. Facebook900,000,000
4. Yahoo750,000,000
5. Amazon500,000,000
6. Wikipedia475,000,000
7. Twitter290,000,000
8. Bing285,000,000
9. eBay285,000,000
10. MSD280,000,000
11. Microsoft270,000,000
12. LinkedIn260,000,000
13. Pinterest250,000,000
14. Ask245,000,000
15. WordPress240,000,000