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How to Use Craig’s List to Help Your Business

craigslistIt’s simple, easy to use, provides a great service, and it is the 10th most visited website in the world. This of course makes Craig’s List a prime target for businesses that hope to increase their customer base, find great employees to hire, and for a range of other reasons.

How do you ensure the ads you place Craig’s List are effective though?


About Link Spam

link network spamLink Spam is a term used for a large number of irrelevant links to a particular site for the purpose of increasing search rankings in Google. For example, if you own a Deli and your website has backlinks from blogs about shoes, forums about working out, a site about popular baby names, whatever the case may be, not only are you not really targeting your customer, Google is doing everything they can to make sure all that work you put into getting all of these random links results in your page being ranked even lower.


9 Questions that will Double Yearly Sales

Hou to double year sales

1.  Which items on your “To-Do List” make money? Take your weekly to-do list and see which items actually make money for your business and which are just the regular tasks associated with a business. Re-organize your priorities so the money making tasks are first and take up the majority of your time.


Marketing Tips from the Pros Small Businesses Might Know but Rarely Use


These are super simple and really work, but many small businesses get cold feet when it comes to actually executing these proven tactics.

411 locals tips about how grow  your business

1. Do the opposite of your competition – Do you want to be your competition or do you want to beat your competition? Standing out is essential but the temptation to simply copy can be overwhelming. If you are copying others the best your marketing can ever hope for is a tie, more likely you’ll be seen as a generic Johnny-come-lately. Instead think of a way to do the opposite type of marketing in order to put your business in direct opposition. With great messaging this will boost your branding and sales much faster than the copy-and-paste approach.


Social Media for Business


You may have noticed the importance of social media within many popular search results. For nearly any search at least one social media site will likely be on the first page.
It goes beyond that however, because not only are the social media sites showing up way at the top, they are also helping other things show up way at the top… Like your business website maybe.


Authority: What Search Engines and Humans Have in Common, and How to Increase Your Authority in the Eyes of Both


Authority is one of dozens and dozens of factors search engines use to determine a web page’s placement online. And humans sort of look at authority the same way. If you have it, people and search engines both take you more seriously. Here are 5 ways to increase your business’s authority in the eyes of search engines and humans alike.