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Content is King

Even though our content editors are a fairly new team, they are full of unique ideas. This is proven by their video that presents the act of content writing throughout the years. If you watch it, you will understand the true meaning of the phrase “Content is King.”

4 Reasons Every Business Needs to Think More about Mobile

mobile friendly websites1.  Mobile browsers buy something within 1 hour—well 70% of them do. Which is a whole lot more than your laptop or desktop browser. Why? Because mobile searchers are on the go, they’re doing something, they want something. It’s not always easy typing a search on that little keypad and looking at things on that smaller screen (though it may be getting easier), if they are doing it they have something specific in mind.

2. 116 million in the U.S. own a smartphone. And that number is growing. Soon, just as many people will have a smartphone as have internet access of any type.

3.   4 out of 5 consumers will use their smartphone at some point to decide whether or not to buy something. If they are using their smartphone to look at your product or service, and all they find is your competitor, then they are probably going to buy from your competitor. Remember, 70% of them are taking action on that search within an hour.

4. Within the year mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop internet usage. Internet speeds on mobile devices has been increasing, and since everyone takes their smartphone with them everywhere anyway, it makes sense they would be searching more often from that device.

3 Marketing Ideas You Can Do Now That Have Nothing to Do With the Internet

1. Get Involved in Your Local Chamber of Commerce.

3 Marketing Ideas without internet usageFor most businesses, your local Chamber of Commerce is not exactly where you are going to find new customers, but what you will find here in abundance is advice and help from others and connections to all kinds of potential affiliates. Just type your city name plus “Chamber of Commerce” into a Google search and you should see all of your local chamber’s information right there on the first page. Give them a call and find out about any upcoming events.

2. Discover Customer Interests and Create Cooperative Marketing Opportunities.

Say you sold healthy smoothies and you happen to be in a shopping center that also has a gym, the opportunity is obvious. Talk with the gym owner and see if you can leave a stack of flyers on the front desk that includes a discount for smoothies, or offer lunch specials to the trainers (who would presumably if they like your smoothies, tell their clients). Sometimes connections are not that obvious, but they exist. If you offer a service like plumbing, get connected with appliance repairmen, or pool cleaners, or a business who does landscape.

3. Join Your Local Rotary Club.

Rotary is a charitable organization with 1.2 million members of loosely affiliated organizations over hundreds of cities across the United States. The primary reason to join of course is because they do really good work for the communities where they operate and for causes around the world. In addition these clubs attract community leaders and are a great way to get connected, and they offer more efficient ways for your business to get involved, and be seen being involved, in your community, which is a win for everyone involved.

The Social Media Gurus are Coming for Your Babies!

social-media-gurusWhere “your babies” = your website and “coming for” = they want to assimilate all of the web into their web of… Ah let’s just get to it.

We recently happened along a very well-meaning article by who seems to be a talented social media/marketing person from what we can see, here:

On the surface everything looks roses pollinated by cheerily singing bumble bees on a warm spring day and the bumble bees don’t sting and you can pet them, but here’s the thing, you pet a bumble bee and you do get stung and they are not nearly as soft and fluffy as they look, and what we mean by that is, unfortunately this article may be leading most businesses of any size down a path that is going to sting.

Last bug analogy we promise, let’s dissect this bumbling bee.

For those unfamiliar with this type of online sparring, quotes in bold and snarky replies to quotes in normal type face. All quotes come from the above linked article by the talented and well-meaning Francesca Heath:

The future of your brand identity is your website, not your Facebook Page