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The Latest News Regarding the Expected Penguin 4.0 Update


The SEO specialists all over the world have been waiting for Google to launch the Penguin 4.0 update for over 4 months now. Many of them expected the launch date to be World Penguin Day, which is on 25th April and sounds like the perfect time for that. But since nothing happened on that date, everyone is wondering what to expect from now on. It has been well over a year and a half since Google launched Penguin 3.0, which is why SEO specialists are becoming very impatient.


Small Business Owners Don’t Answer 62% Of Phone Calls

Not Answering Phone CallsThere are many discussions online over the ways to measure SEO success and it seems that the toughest question is how to choose the right KPIs for local SEO. As you might already know, local SEO is a very dynamic sector of the online marketing industry. Things change rather quickly and unexpectedly, forcing SEO professionals to adapt on the go.

For many years search rankings were considered a crucial indicator for SEO success, but let’s look at it from the perspective of the business owner. They don’t profit directly from being on the first page of Google, so what they really need is more customers.

Tracking SEO Results (more…)

Getting Better Ranking and Usability from URLs

As everyone in the SEO business knows, URLs are of key importance to rankings. Clear and well-structured, intuitive URLs can get a lot of traffic solely by themselves, which is why we will delve into the subject a bit more to learn how we can take full advantage of that.

Relevance may be the only simple benefit from an accurately defined URL, you may think. But you think wrong. The website’s URL is the first step in optimizing your entire structure, which also leads to a whole new world of benefits that even surpass SEO.

  • User Experience
  • Site Maintenance
  • Content Management
  • Offline Marketing

These are among the most constructive and fundamental advantages of a well-established URL structure, which many people describe as a tree-like relationship between pages. (more…)