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The AMP Project – Do We Really Need It?

Speed and efficiency are top priorities in web browsing, especially when it comes to accessing the web on a mobile device. The 411 Locals team has been talking a lot about mobile-friendly pages, and we believe every publisher knows how important this is. However, a new open-source initiative was launched in 2016, and Google is now linking to AMP content in the main mobile search results area. What does this mean to us? Should we join the AMP project or stick with the responsive, mobile-friendly design?


Website Redesign – A Double-Edged Sword

Website Redesign – A Double-Edged Sword

Relaunching a website is usually a very exciting job but is the effort really worth it? We, at 411 Locals, have been in the industry long enough, and we have seen how trends change and some of our websites really needed a redesign. Also, a lot of customers have requested certain changes. Although these changes are meant to be good for your business or the clients you work for, this can be a real double-edged sword for your PPC program. Columnist Pauline Jakober has recently posted an article about that and here is what it is about:


4 WordPress Themes You Should Be Using Right Now

Since the latest article published by 411Locals described the importance of Divi and Oshine as the current WP themes meant for your success, it is now time to take a look at the other creative options you can take advantage of. These are the highlights from among our chosen themes, suitable for creatives designers, portfolio showcases, agencies and other WordPress-using businesses.

Building Websites With Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is the brainchild of ThemeForest, dubbed the “future of WordPress” by its author. Apparently, the theme owes its popularity to the website builder it comes with. The goal is to make website building user-friendly and easier than ever. The interface allows easy dragging and dropping of elements, changing of layouts and adding of shortcodes. Things get even easier with the set of pre-designed layouts you can use as a matrix and add your own customizations on. (more…)

Expand Your Digital Content Creation

Web design development illustrationConsumers are getting very critical when it comes to visuals, whether it is a website, a movie, a game, or anything else that has visual content. This is even being pumped-up by social media networks and mobile tech.

Static website galleries, written content on social channels, corporate photos and videos online were alright at one point. However, the readers of today strongly count on visuals to determine whether your message, product, or service is worth their time.

The trends are changing rapidly, and so are the expectations and standards of consumers. They spend less and less time examining an image or a piece of text in order to click on it. Decisions based on the visual content provided are made in a manner of seconds. (more…)

The Art of Landing Pages

landing page convertsTransform Visitors into Customers!

Like with all our articles, we will start by explaining the fundamentals of the main subject and break them down afterward so that everything becomes clear. Today’s topic will be the Landing Page and the secrets it holds to unveiling the full potential of your online marketing campaign.

Let’s go through the theory quickly and get it out of the way so that we can get to the meat and potatoes of traffic conversion and the better understanding the value of having a well crafted Landing Page on your business website. (more…)

Enhance the First Impression of Your Website

website  first good impression

Give Your Visitors Something to be Amazed About!

Pay a visit to your website now and take a look at it from a different perspective, ignoring any of the written or visual content that might exist there.
Now, can you make sense of what your website is communicating to the audience in a non-verbal way?

Answer these questions for yourself:

  • Does the design look like it was created by a knowledgeable and skilled pro, or an overenthusiastic person who has just started out in this area?
  • Can you instantly determine where the reader’s eye should be directed to at first?
  • Does the initial impression of the site give the confidence that you can solve the user’s problem?
  • Imagine that you are a stranger there, would you classify this business as competent, trustworthy and capable enough to offer exactly what you need?