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Give Your Visitors Something to be Amazed About!

Pay a visit to your website now and take a look at it from a different perspective, ignoring any of the written or visual content that might exist there.
Now, can you make sense of what your website is communicating to the audience in a non-verbal way?

Answer these questions for yourself:

  • Does the design look like it was created by a knowledgeable and skilled pro, or an overenthusiastic person who has just started out in this area?
  • Can you instantly determine where the reader’s eye should be directed to at first?
  • Does the initial impression of the site give the confidence that you can solve the user’s problem?
  • Imagine that you are a stranger there, would you classify this business as competent, trustworthy and capable enough to offer exactly what you need?

Of course, it will be hard to make a real objective decision because it is in our human nature to get sentimental about what we have accomplished (so far at least), and tend to ignore the imperfections of our work.

But if you want your site to convey the message you need it to, you have to admit that a professional design gives the confidence each reader needs to take upon the actions that your content inspires.
The thing that any business owner with a website has to understand that an ugly and non-functional design makes the reader look for the flaws and sloppy approach not only there, but in the business itself as well.

Lucky for you, the complete transformation of your website is not as hard as you may think it is, after reading our article so far. Let’s take a look over some of the more common business-damaging mistakes in design that you can quickly improve.


Nobody is browsing the internet for long and difficult to read articles, unless they need them for work or a school project. If you are on the web and looking for a contractor to fix your roof, you would not want to go through lines and lines and pages of unpleasantly looking text. Here are some key changes you can make to improve that:

  • If your text is white on a dark background, this should be the first thing to fix before you start doing anything else. This dramatically cuts down on the links and shares of your site.
  • When choosing the font, you still have to think about its readability first regardless of how much you love that fancy and beautiful fonts. And most importantly – choose one or two at the most for your headers and body text.
  • Break down the chunks of text into smaller and short paragraphs and columns. This way it will be easy for the user to find the thing that interests them the most.

Is the design looking professional?

As sad and hard as it may sound, if you are not an expert and you have decided to design the website by yourself, it will most probably be missing quite a bit of the eye-candy it should have. If someone has to be straight with you, it has to be us.

While there are certain tricks you can use to make things a little bit better, the undisputed fact is that design specialists spend years honing and polishing their skills to create beautiful-looking and sophisticated websites that serve the purpose of the business in question.

Instead of trying to copy the skills and reproduce in a single afternoon what a designer will spend enough time on to make it look right, just find yourself a person who has experience in the field.

The most important thing to remember that a website that looks and feels good will better convey your own professionalism and expertise to the users. That is the most priceless improvement to the effectiveness of your content, which is only accented in the most appropriate way by creating the most suitable design theme and customizations for your specific needs.

If you have any further questions on the matter and you want to know how the experts at 411 Locals approach website design, just give us a call today!