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google-ends-pagespeed-insightsWhat to Do When the PageSpeed Service Is Gone?

First of all, we should point out what exactly is (soon to be was) the PageSpeed service, what are its negative and positive sides and more useful information on the whole situation.

The whole idea and function behind the PageSpeed service by Google was to give you a full analysis on the performance of your website, how much time does it take to fully load all of its features (images, JavaScript, and other elements). At least that is the major and primary part of its functions. When the tool finishes the analysis, it not only shows the speed itself, but also points out what exactly is wrong with the website and gives very detailed and thorough suggestions to what can be done in order to improve its performance according to Google’s guidelines and algorithms.

This gives site owners and web developers a great advantage in creating pages that are well optimized for search engines. One of the most valuable aspects of this service is the image quality optimization that it delivers because it gives you the chance to download the images that have been in the website you just analyzed in a better and Google-friendly version.
This is definitely a great and user-friendly feature that will be missed quite a bit because it will not be found on alternative tools once this service ends.

And now, to the actual news! Apparently, Google is shutting down its PageSpeed Service, that has been a solution for optimizing websites for faster delivery, and it will happen on August 3. Developers and other website owners have until this date to change the DNS settings or their pages because it won’t be available anymore. New sign-ups for the service have already been suspended.

The PageSpeed Service, which launched almost five years ago, utilizes a number of optimization methods to a site in order to get the information to the user faster. Like we said, these features range from compressing the images to optimizing cache settings, as well as your JavaScript and CSS files. The service also caches static assets, delivering them from Google’s servers around the world after that. In many ways, the service is quite similar to what CloudFlare is doing but without so much focus on data security.

So, the the most logical and accurate question is why is Google shutting this service down? It has been delivering great results and has helped with the optimization of numerous websites, so why the unexpected move? The company says that they have decided to re-focus their effort in a different direction. It’s definitely worth to note, though, that CloudFlare definitely has this particular market cornered, which puts Google in a position where admitting that they have not put so much effort into this area over the last couple of years in order to still be competitive.

Judging by the situation and the response from the Internet community, a lot of people will be looking for alternative solutions to the issues raised by this announcement. That is where 411Locals comes in! If you are wondering who to turn to for help when your website needs optimization for its loading speeds and quick performance, you can get in touch with our team with any kind of questions you may have regarding the changes that are about to come!