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Content , paper, printed, green markerThis refers to the actual words on your web page and it is one effective way to increase your website’s searchability, particularly for a local market.

  1. You’re not actually saturating. More is no longer better, in fact it hurts. The right amount varies by keyword, market, and how it is written. Generally speaking, one at the beginning, end and one per 500 words or so is fine. If there are multiple keywords these can overlap.
  2. Use your city name. If you sell mainly locally, after you discover the most common keywords or phrases, add your city name either before or after. For example if you sell lug nuts and that is your keyword, use “Las Vegas lug nuts”, “lug nuts in Las Vegas” etc.
  3. Keep it natural. Far more important than the number of keywords or phrases is the actual language. Search engines are becoming very good at ferreting out bad grammar and syntax and they often penalize sites that are poorly written or written as if they were made for search engines instead of people.
  4. Key phrases don’t have to be in the same sentence. From the example above, if the key phrase you want to use is “Las Vegas lug nuts” you don’t want to keep saying that exact phrase because it starts to sound kind of silly to your customer. Instead, if you have a sentence ending in “Las Vegas” , like “We love our customers in Las Vegas.”, you can begin your next sentence with the word “lug nuts” and it has the exact same effect on your SEO rating. “We love our customers in Las Vegas. Lug nuts are essential for all kinds of projects…” – something like that.
  5. If you can’t fit your keyword or phrase in, don’t. There are many factors that contribute to SEO, and no single aspect is as important as the impression the actual words on your page make on your human customers. If you cannot fit a keyword or a phrase in naturally, don’t try to force it.
  6. Hire a professional – There are probably plenty of local advertising experts who specialize in content. Look for a local copywriter and let them handle the content for you.