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CRO, or conversion rate optimization is one of the only possible ways to really drive your business forward and increase your website’s efficiency. It takes advantage of the effort you have invested so far into traffic generation and rankings and transforms all of those leads and visitors into paying customers.

However, not all types of CRO actually lead to growth.

It is really important for you to combine your general initiative and strategy with your CRO strategy in order to utilize its full potential.

First, growth is changing everywhere. Online advertising is leading all types of businesses across all industries to go forward and become noticed by a broader audience, but this means that it’s getting substantially competitive to win a part of that audience.

This requires from us to take a different look at growth and how to generate revenue. Not only has marketing changed, if not completely transformed in the last 10 years, but we also see how things that worked last year have simply lost their buzz today! Google’s algorithms are running out quicker than SEOs can keep up with them and adapt their work accordingly.

How the big guys do it

On the other hand, we see companies like Facebook and Dropbox literally explode with growth in the past 10 years, and we see no trace of the traditional advertising methods in their strategies.

So, why did they become so successful globally, while other companies struggle doing it locally?

That’s the thing called strategy and planning out your campaign by setting the goals and achievements you have to pass as milestones. These global leaders have went through endless experiments, research and engineered their growth in a very progressive and meaningful way.

This means that you should use absolutely everything at your disposal to build a steadily increasing daily level of growth that must surpass the day before. LinkedIn experimented with many things including the engagement of new users, improvement of their onboarding experience, etc. This showed them that they can develop growth through different methods. Learning this, you can keep working in the directions that work the most and improve areas that show potential, but need development.

What separates growth and marketing?

While a successful and well-thought out marketing strategy can aid in revenue, actual business growth depends on something else. The core of your business is your product or service, and if you want your CRO efforts to work, you have to do the heavy lifting on improving and adding real value to what you offer and how you can help your customers. This only works with time, testing and tweaking whatever is necessary.

Speaking of web experience, you not only have to attract a potential customer with a fancy website, but you need to show them actual value and offer a good experience with your product or service. The uphill battle of CRO begins when you are trying to optimize something that is not of real use to customers and they do not find the benefits that have been promised by the marketing campaign.

Like we said in the beginning, not all CRO will necessarily lead to growth. Some people struggle with different methods and channels but feel frustration while they see that the impact on their growth is little to none. Remember – ideas that you simply feel like might work and doing slight changes here and there is not what growth development is all about. It’s about getting momentum and never missing the opportunity to make your work be more efficient for your clients, and risking of losing their interest.

Choose wisely

By just choosing random CRO methods, you are almost surely jeopardizing your efforts before you have even started. Being systematic, consistent and well-aware of all metrics by researching thoroughly will be the only thing that will eventually lead you to the right way.

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