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Bad content is like watching a low-resolution video on a cracked screen. You get the point, yet the whole experience is just not satisfying enough. One of the most common “bad content” causes is content spinning.

We, at 411 Locals, have done hundreds of experiments involving content spinning and while sometimes it really does the trick, this is just a bad SEO practice (in most of the cases). Stay with us on this article for more information about that.

Content Spinning – A Major Black Hat SEO practice

All these aggressive SEO strategies and techniques focusing on search engines and not a human audience are generally bad practices. There are so many different ones, but today we will put the spotlight on “content spinning.”

Yes, spinning content is sometimes necessary, mostly for low-rent SEO marketers. It’s just not profitable. The trick is to generate hundreds of related blog posts and pages as quickly as possible. Posting the same blog post into different pseudo-blogs will definitely not work and this is why spinning that original blog post seems like the easiest way to avoid duplicating your content and get your site penalized by Google.


Why is content spin, and what exactly is content spinning?

Basically, taking something that is written one way, and rewriting it so it sounds different is what defines content spinning. The main reason for this is obvious – avoid duplicate content. But what if you take an old article with a still trending topic and rewrite it just because you know you can do better? This way you’re not wasting much time and resources to tell the same news, just, let’s say, restructure the article. If this is the case, nobody can ever blame you for content spinning.

Actually, nobody blames anyone for spinning content. People on BlackHat forums are actually bragging about how much articles they have spun and how beneficial and time-saving this was for them. There are even plenty of content spinning software programs out there. This is when it gets out of hand.


We should realize that black hat SEO can only be a temporary fix!

Yes, content spinning and other black hat SEO practices might work to some extent but we should always think of them as temporary fixes that should be avoided if possible. While these practices seem good for SEO, they are bad for the Internet in general. There are billions of low quality pages that were only created to give the illusion of another website’s popularity.

This is why the Penguin and Panda algorithms were designed, and Google is actually doing a good job at detecting these sort of fraudulent SEO practices exemplified by content spinning. If you’ve always gotten away with it so far, you can expect this to change in the future. In other words, don’t overdo spinning!

The 411 Locals team hopes this article was helpful and we really advise you not to use these get-rich-quick SEO techniques. Good luck, and choose quality! We also offer content writing services for those of you who are interested in long-term SEO results.