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The SEO specialists all over the world have been waiting for Google to launch the Penguin 4.0 update for over 4 months now. Many of them expected the launch date to be World Penguin Day, which is on 25th April and sounds like the perfect time for that. But since nothing happened on that date, everyone is wondering what to expect from now on. It has been well over a year and a half since Google launched Penguin 3.0, which is why SEO specialists are becoming very impatient.

All we know for now is that the Penguin 4.0 algorithm should be a real time version. That means that the algorithms are not pushed out at a certain time and run at all times. So, the new Penguin recoveries and penalties will happen at any time.

This is very similar to Panda updates, where Google said that we probably wouldn’t notice more changes because the updates are still rolling. As a matter of fact, we don’t notice any drastic updates like we did before, but we do see some small changes. The information we currently have is that Panda is rolling and Penguin should be really quick, based on how fast Google indexes new and old links.

Many specialists from the industry suspect that once Penguin 4.0 hits, we will all notice some quick changes. This will probably last for a month or so, and once it is good enough, Google will set Penguin free and let it wander the SERPs.

The digital marketing experts know that Penguin is one of the most popular Google updates which penalizes websites with spammy backlink profiles. They hope that when the new update is launched, the websites that use spammy and shady link-building techniques will no longer be on the first pages.

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