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How Has Google’s Local Search Changed Over The Years?

We all know how fast Google changes algorithms and deciphering it might feel like an exercise in futility. This is why, we at 411 Locals, keep track of the algorithm changes and try to synthesize it for every SEO enthusiast. It is a well-known fact how many changes Google has made over the years, and on this page you will show you the brief history of those changes starting with the year of 2005.


2005: Google Maps and Local Business Center Merged

We all remember when Google released the Local Business Center in March 2005. The next logical step was to merge this free tool helping business to easily add or update their business listing that appear in google Local with Google Maps. The users could now easily condense relevant search results into a single location that included store hours, contact information, and driving directions.


Google Revives The Short Q&A videos. Submit your SEO questions now!

Do you remember the short-form SEO video Q&As Google used to produce but does not anymore? We at, 411Locals, sure do, and this is why we are excited to announce that Google is back on it again!

Google announced its plans via Twitter. They will produce a series of webmaster and Q&A videos on their Google Webmaster Central Youtube channel. The only *required field in the webform is the question you want to ask. Filling in your name, location, and comments is optional. The form to submit your questions is available over here.

To be honest, Google has not really stopped producing videos entirely. There are several webmaster-related hangouts on their YouTube channel. The hangouts are usually an hour long and available in different languages, where webmasters can ask their questions live. While the hangouts are just great and we, at 411Locals, highly recommend them, we cannot hide the fact the old short-form videos are the better convenient option! Especially if you do not have any particular questions in mind and just want to stay updated, watching an hourly long hangout might seem like boiling the ocean.


The Effective Content Strategy That Will Help You Achieve Better SEO Results

Content strategy is an important aspect of SEO since content and links are among the top three ranking factors in search. This is today’s message of 411 Locals.

Nevertheless, creating content for content’s sake alone does not bring results. Every day, millions of blog posts get published and you have to create content that stands out from the rest and gets worthwhile links. This is where you should start building your strategy.

It includes:

  • Prioritizing topics and themes of smaller difficulty
  • Layering content and internal linking that is optimal
  • A good understanding of linkability and the opportunities for such
  • Regularly maintaining and upkeeping existing content

No complete SEO strategy can do without these processes. (more…)

Why Robots Are Not Yet to Replace Marketers

Two of the world’s leaders in AI research teamed up to do research on the “safety challenges” of artificial intelligence. So we should be asking questions about how big the threat is and and what it threatens exactly. Turns out that the most endangered thing in the next decade will be your job. And this is the topic that 411 Locals would like to address today.

Until recently only manufacturing workers feared replacement by robots. However, with the advance of artificial intelligence, some “white collar” jobs will also be automated.

It’s already happening. A Japanese insurance company replaced 34 of its employees with IBM’s Watson. Discussions are going on on how ethical it is for programmers to automate themselves out of their jobs.

Up to 47% of US jobs will be automated during the next decade, according to an Oxford research study. There will still be, however, fields where the automation will not happen. (more…)