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How to Make an Effective Facebook Ad

Or any ad for social media.

social-facebook-adsWhen was the last time you clicked on an ad you saw on a social media site? If you said a long time ago, or never, don’t be discouraged because people are clicking and people are buying. If you said recently then what did the ad look like? What drew you in? Did you buy, or give them your email, or call? Maybe you didn’t but you remember them.

Here’s the math of advertising, it’s not hard. You spend X amount hoping those pennies and dollars will result in a net gain, eventually. You measure it over time. If it does end in a gain, spend more and see if you gain even more business, and so on until you hit some saturation point where more $ no longer equals more sales. If advertising isn’t working it’s not the concept of advertising in general which is failing most likely, but your messaging, your target, or your product. It works. Ask AT&T, GM, Disney, McDonalds, Walmart, American Express, etc.

How is advertising on social media different?


Estimated Total Conversions App

Total ConversionsAnother interesting way you may be able to track customers in the future.

All mediums throughout history have had the exact same problem; how do you know a television commercial is working? A radio spot? A print ad?—businesses hold the internet to an even higher standard when it comes to proving effectiveness.

The truth is you can track the effectiveness of online marketing to a greater extent than any other type of marketing, but Google and a few other companies are trying to offer even more.

Introducing Estimated Total Conversion.


Design Your Site for People, If You Want to Make More Money

… Huh? We’ll explain.

White Pages is huge. It has more people, business, and location data than just about any other single entity, including the U.S. Census Bureau.

Skip to your small or midsize business. Do you know what potential customers who are visiting your site are looking for, and are you willing to give it to them before you begin selling your most profitable product or service?


Google Maps for Beginners

The Only Actual Easy Guide on How to Create a Custom Google Map and Embed it on Your Website, Share It, or Just Look at How Pretty It Is.

You may have noticed despite every other set of directions screaming, “This is so easy!” It’s not because they skip steps and assume you already know what you’re doing. We won’t assume that, because how could you know what you’re doing… unless you are Google… are you Google?

411 Locals is here to help:

1. You need a Google account to do this. If you don’t really want an account, just make up the information on their “create an account” page. You can even start a new Google email if you’re really serious about not having another account to keep track of. Just go here.  (Right click and select “New window” so you can read these directions while you’re making your map.)

2. Once you have your account, one you plan on using or one you’re going to forget about later, don’t sign out or anything, just got to Don’t worry, no passwords or anything, you’re set.