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How to Rarely Run Out of Ideas for Your Blog

Ideas for your blog posts by 411 LocalsWe’ve covered why you should set up a blog right? Blogs can help your optimization, offer your customers information they are looking for, and establish your business as an authority in your industry, which is very valuable when it comes to branding and ultimately increasing new customers and keeping current customers. Please see past issues for ways to create a more effective business blog.

Here we are going to talk about what to write about. See if one of these ideas sparks something valuable… and if it doesn’t refer to number 1.

1. Okay, if all else fails, just don’t post. You’re better off skipping a post or two than risking the integrity of your blog with posts that just waste the time of visitors. But there’s usually something cool to post about, so read this.
2. Make a blog post that shows them how to use your product or service… easy right? Okay so maybe you thought of that. We have more.


How to Set Up Free Google Analytics

How-to-Set-Up-Free-Google-Analytics-by-411localsDon’t let the charts, graphs, and overwhelming options deter you. Don’t even let the coding throw you off (you just have to copy and paste it anyway). Here’s a quick guide to successfully setting up Google Analytics.

1. Go here. Sign up by clicking Access Google Analytics on the top right. From there you’ll see the big Sign Up button on the right.
2. It is going to take you to a screen where you can choose Universal or Classic. Stick with Classic for now and you can upgrade later once you get the hang of it, no need to overwhelm ourselves just yet.


The Social Media Gurus are Coming for Your Babies!

social-media-gurusWhere “your babies” = your website and “coming for” = they want to assimilate all of the web into their web of… Ah let’s just get to it.

We recently happened along a very well-meaning article by who seems to be a talented social media/marketing person from what we can see, here:

On the surface everything looks roses pollinated by cheerily singing bumble bees on a warm spring day and the bumble bees don’t sting and you can pet them, but here’s the thing, you pet a bumble bee and you do get stung and they are not nearly as soft and fluffy as they look, and what we mean by that is, unfortunately this article may be leading most businesses of any size down a path that is going to sting.

Last bug analogy we promise, let’s dissect this bumbling bee.

For those unfamiliar with this type of online sparring, quotes in bold and snarky replies to quotes in normal type face. All quotes come from the above linked article by the talented and well-meaning Francesca Heath:

The future of your brand identity is your website, not your Facebook Page