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How Not to Leave Comments on Blogs

How Not To Leave Comments on Blogs… And Then How To Leave Comments on Blogs

“A lot of businesses do it therefore it must work.” –This is a logical fallacy.

how not to leave comments on blogs by 411localsComments on blogs are a great way to get involved in your industry, especially if you know how to comment the right way, which we’ll go over.

What exactly are comments good for though? This is where it can get fuzzy for a lot of businesses.

Chances are that close to the majority of comments at least are somewhat spammy and/or written for the sole purpose of building backlinks.

A quality comment that will have a positive effect has to follow a number of rules that we are going to go over. It’s easy in theory once you know the rules, but how many of those comments does it take? How do you find the right blogs and other sites to comment on?


How to Optimize a YouTube Video

YouTube Videos for Businesses

YouTube Videos for Businesses 411localsThis is part tips and part—hopefully—inspirational, because while there is incredible potential on YouTube, only a very select few businesses have ever figured out how to take advantage of it.

Want to hear something scary?

Over 100 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every 1 minute.

That means that every day 144,000 hours of videos are uploaded, which means every week 1,008,000 hours of videos are uploaded, which means that every year 52,560,000 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded. The average human lives for 681,528 hours.

If you are an average person who just happens to never eat or sleep and does nothing but watch YouTube videos your entire life, you would have time in your entire life from birth to death to watch about 4.7 days’ worth of uploaded YouTube videos.