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A Faster Site Equals More Sales

It’s the last thing many businesses and site designers think about when making a website, but it is one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing sales.

Businessman sales website Shopping CarWe’ve all seen studies that made us scratch our head… “You needed to spend research money to find out if cocaine makes mice hyper? Or whether head-banging (made popular with Heavy Metal in the 80’s) is bad for you? Or if injury is more likely while drunk?” (All real studies). Some studies seem pointless, at least on the surface, but science might not be the only group over-analyzing correlations that seem obvious.

Let’s give an example: “Back in 2006, Amazon presented one of the first studies linking a clear causation between page load time and online customer revenue.” You can see some of the results of this groundbreaking study by clicking on these pretty blue words…


How They are Trying to Destroy Your Optimization!

About web tools, anchor text, competitors’ Black Hat tactics, and how to make sure your site isn’t blacklisted, all written so it will make sense to business owners…Okay fine, we’ll throw in some lesbians and kittens.

Google Webmaster Tools

To someone not that familiar with SEO, at first at least, something similar to this may even sound like an okay idea. It’s not. First though, let’s describe what you are seeing in that picture above: