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The SEO Tools Worth Paying For In 2017 Part IV

The SEO tools recommended by 411 locals are not only oriented toward the content writing, link analysis, and the social media output of your SEO strategy. You can rely on our advice when you need to invest in something essential, like keyword research.

Most SEOs count on the Keyword Planner as the only tool for their keyword research. The purpose of the KP is clear – to show you how competitive your keywords are in Google search, by providing you with data about the volume in which a particular query is searched. The KP is also vital for marketers who wish to start their AdWords campaigns. But how can you exploit the searches for an even greater benefit? Here are some suggestions:

SEMRush: This freemium tool allows you to see the top keywords of your competitors, their landing pages and PPC details. If you sign up for free, you will be limited to 10 keywords per report. The latter sows organic ranking, search volume, traffic percentage, ad competition, and yearly trends. Go premium ($69.9 per month) to receive reports on how a penalty would  hit the rankings and how long it would take to recover the lost positions. The trends will include more than one previous year. (more…)

14 Free Tools That Can Improve Your Content, Presented by 411 Locals

The Internet is a fascinating place full of useful information. Just because it contains a little bit (or more) for everyone, it can be sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking. Even for content creators. This is why 411 Locals dedicates today’s post to some useful content tools you may not have found yet. Best of all – they are free! Let’s learn more about them below:

Headline Generators

1. Impact blog title generator
It helps writers create headlines suitable for their blog posts. How to use: add a topic, then click a button, and the tool will generate some suggestions for your posts. When you find the title you like best, save it to your notebook by clicking the heart icon. Your list of preferred titles can then be sent to your email address.

2. CoSchedule headline analyzer
It analyzes the effectiveness of your title by taking several factors in consideration:

  • The type of your headline
  • Character count
  • Word count

The tool can also suggest which keywords you can use for your titles. (more…)

5 Ways to Vamp up Your Title Tags and Improve Your Ranking

If there is one sure thing about SEO, it’s that things are constantly changing. Online advertisers have to stay up to date with all the changes going on so they can implement new strategies and keep their rankings higher. One thing the advertisers are wondering whether it still plays a major role are the title tags. Well, we have good news for you. There are some ways to boost your ranking using the title tags of your website.

Dates & Numbers
Numbers have always been a way to increase the click-through rate. This works well because of a cognitive bias. People’s brains are trained to notice things that are more specific and stand out. So, when a person is going through the search results, chances are they will click on the results with numbers in the title because they seem more specific and stand out from the rest. The same goes for the cases when you put dates in the title. (more…)

The SEO Tools Worth Paying For In 2017 Part III

Content is king, and this statement has always been a rule for 411Locals. In this part of our survey, we would like to recommend the best tools for helping you with the creation of website content and more. Writing a copy that sells is essential for any search engine optimization strategy. So which platforms to choose when you’re ready to invest in tools? What are the best tools for generating clicks and engaging your audience?

Buzzsumo: for when you need a good look at your audience’s preferences. This intuitive tool works by simply inputting a topic. The search results will give you a clear view of the articles that have the highest amount of shares and backlinks. You will be able to see the most important influencers, so you will know better both the topics and the authors who dictate the rules. By signing up to this must-have tool, you will have access to the data that will help you boost your online presence. In addition, Buzzsumo has many nice features. For example, Buzzsumo Alerts will allow you to see whenever a keyword gets mentioned around the web. (more…)