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2015 most important seo ranking factors 411localsWe are all familiar with the hundreds of different key factors that either contribute to the rank of our website, or do the opposite – they bring it down. However, as the advancements go, we constantly see changes and fluctuations in Google’s results. This brings to mind that some things may pass, but other things will always stay the same.

In general, a reliable and efficient SEO strategy that 411 Locals would suggest consists of several key features:

Having a good understanding of the term “Universal Search”

This means the ability of the search engines to read and index a variety of pages, images or other media for a given search input. This is how Google blends the results from its Images and News into its general web search listings.

Including quality elements and efficient performance metrics for your website

Of course – the quality of elements like the well-organized content and enticing design features are an irreplaceable part of the website. But if their performance is not up to code and they are too heavy for your site to handle, then they will start bringing down the speed. The importance of the speed with which your site and all of its pages open is almost the same as the quality of the content.

Understanding visitor behavior and maximizing user metrics

User metrics such as bounce rate, clicks and sharing are just some of the tools we can use to assess the way that our visitors perceive our website. If they show negative results – this means that users are not attracted to what we offer and do not like what they see. It is important to determine which are the weak points of our design, content, functionality and usability so that we can maximize the effect of these factors.

Creating content that builds trust and is authoritative

Everyone is familiar with this and it has been repeated beyond reason. And the reason is good! The good thing is that this is becoming even more important as time goes by as the demand for unique and engaging content is constantly growing. Build the trust between you and the reader if you want your website to have any effect on their actions.

Using multiple distinctive and original images in your content

Visualize your message, help the users understand better what you have to say and what you have to offer in various images that they have not seen before. This is more than enough to grab their attention because a unique image is always attractive with its unknown nature. Modern design trends focus much more on accurate images than on written content.

Backlinks (quality over quantity is preferred and highly recommended)

It will not help you if you have a large number of link leading to your page if they are from poor quality sources. No matter the number – this will not be beneficial to your needs. If you have a source for backlinks that is popular enough and has a good ranking – this will be the factor that will boost your website as well!

Balancing social media features to build brand awareness

Social media and its wide usage among Internet users is one of the most reliable sources for ranking boosts and it can help you to build the awareness and validity of your own brand. Search engines are always enticed by this kind of activity, so never forget to include it in your website as well!

If you are curious about the newest updates and advancements in the SEO world, 411 Locals will always be here for you, ready to answer all your questions! Get in touch with our staff today!