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SEO Concept

People working in the SEO field will totally get this.

In the beginning, there was Search Engine Optimization, and it seemed like it was impossible. Or extraordinarily spammy and simply ugly. For many people, it was both!

But let’s elaborate what exactly do we have in mind with that.

Years back, SEO was essentially stuffing all kinds of weirdly sounding keywords into the written content of your website without caring a lot about how it looks or how it reads. Other known methods were playing tricks on search engines such as jamming keywords in hidden tags or putting them in the text where its color matches the background.

The good news is that this kind of Search Engine Optimization just doesn’t get past Google so innocently and unpunished. Most of the pages using those tactics and schemes simply got caught and downgraded significantly. That is why you should never choose the easy way out when it comes to beginning a new online marketing campaign. It just doesn’t pass anymore!

The quality-first approach never fails, it’s more enjoyable to create, and it is definitely more enjoyable and easy for the viewers to understand. The benefits don’t end there because this is a way in which you can do better work and further develop your skills by exploring new and more effective ways to get your message across the Interwebs!

The most enjoyable experience of working with Google is to stop catering to Google! Cater to your audience instead and show them that you care about how they feel in your website, not how Google does!

Are search engines difficult to predict?

 To be honest, most of the biggest changes that Google makes is in the ways it chases and removes spam throughout the web. This means that if the changes you are making on your website do not include spamming and stuffing keywords, you pretty much have nothing to worry about.

However, there are certain pages that do not have any spam but still get caught due to the algorithm changes. Does that mean that the algorithm does not work and it cannot be predicted? Absolutely not. If this happens to a page that lacks any spam, the problem is elsewhere – namely in its quality. This is why the quality-first approach dominates! Because it endures changes!

Should we ignore SEO completely then?

Do not be so quick to make such decisions. Even if you think that it may sound too complex, SEO has never been simpler in many ways today. The thing to remember is not to lose your head over optimization and trying to get ahead of the competition by ignoring the actual fundamentals such as cornerstone content and design that does not chase away the visitors of your website.

It’s either that or being in constant pursuit with Google’s spam team, and nobody wants that. With those key rules as your guidelines, you will not have any problems, and you will be well on the way of establishing a remarkable and unique online presence that will actually bring you profit.

At 411 Locals, this has been our policy for many years, and that is why we are a Certified Google Partner today! Give us a call if you are curious about the exciting work that we are doing!