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Infographic created by 411 locals

SEO is not easy, fast, stable, or predictable BUT IS MEASURABLE

– We know where people are searching
– We know where business are investing when it comes to optimization

And like mad scientists with shiny new beakers, we can run tests
And from these tests we can develop

And like finding the simple beautiful equation that brings together the most powerful forces in the universe—energy, mass and speed—Google’s algorithm does not seem so terribly intimidating anymore.

Invest in some state of the art technology to translate, track, categorize and prioritize the internet, plug in what you know of the algorithm, changes to it, dozens of factors crawlers look at, competitors, industry, every tiny difference in common search language across geographic areas, and of course the unpredictable human animal…

Then you too can start an advertising agency which has happily served 25,000 small to midsize businesses with a 90% retention rate and some of the best results the human mind can imagine.