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The SEO tools recommended by 411 locals are not only oriented toward the content writing, link analysis, and the social media output of your SEO strategy. You can rely on our advice when you need to invest in something essential, like keyword research.

Most SEOs count on the Keyword Planner as the only tool for their keyword research. The purpose of the KP is clear – to show you how competitive your keywords are in Google search, by providing you with data about the volume in which a particular query is searched. The KP is also vital for marketers who wish to start their AdWords campaigns. But how can you exploit the searches for an even greater benefit? Here are some suggestions:

SEMRush: This freemium tool allows you to see the top keywords of your competitors, their landing pages and PPC details. If you sign up for free, you will be limited to 10 keywords per report. The latter sows organic ranking, search volume, traffic percentage, ad competition, and yearly trends. Go premium ($69.9 per month) to receive reports on how a penalty would  hit the rankings and how long it would take to recover the lost positions. The trends will include more than one previous year.

AuthorityLabs: You will have a 30-day free trial at your disposal. The tool’s tabs will show your keyword rankings and recover the (not provided) keywords through this software. You can easily compare the results of your rankings with you competitors’ and share them within your network. The tool also tracks local results for granular data at your fingertips. The price is $99 monthly.

SpyFu: As the name implies, you will be able to see what works for your competitors. You will know which keywords are profitable and how to use them for your campaign. The database has nine years of info about your competitors’ organic and PPC keywords.

SECockpit: With this software, you will measure keywords and find suggestions with ease. And there are more features to explore. You will actually have 200 keywords scanned and analysed per minute. The tool requires $40 per month. This tool does some more profound research of your audience. You will see hundreds of suggestions and lists of keywords from many search engines and App Stores too.

One of the most important benefits you will have with the paid and freemium keyword research tools is the ability to go deeper into the long-tail list. Long-tail keywords with low volume of search cannot be found in KP.  411Locals recommend you the use of these keywords to narrow your audience and thus get traffic from relevant prospects.