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So, your WP website has been launched, you are way ahead of the competition, and you’re starting to make some profit. Staying on top is worth every cent and the wisest move would be to make a well thought out investment. Did you know that buying SEO tools is a sound investment that will yield long-term results? 411 Locals recommends the following platforms you should pay to utilize in 2016:

Tools for Website Monitoring:

Screaming Frog Spider Tool: It is a website crawler with growing popularity among SEOs and digital marketers. It’s a freemium tool, which means charges for full proprietary features and functionality are applied. You will take advantage of fast scanning of your domain’s URLs with checks of redirect loops and issues, 404s and server errors, details about robots.txt and sitemaps. For on-site content strategy, Screaming Frog easily identifies the optimal length of meta descriptions, headings, and more.

Raven Tools: Another tool for free site crawling. However, by paying 99 bucks per month, you will get significant marketing insights. You will see which aspects of your website and campaign are good in the long run and which aren’t. It is a smart tool that combines several of the others. It serves well organic and PPC optimization. You can use it successfully for social media, monitoring of SERP rankings, competition research, and reporting.

Tools for Social Media Marketing:

Buffer: It has a one-month free trial and charges 10 bucks monthly. Buffer takes care to share your content at the most suitable times. You’re in charge of the scheduling algorithm and the time-saving aspects of the tool will help you add articles to your queue, upload your videos, and share your images.

SproutSocial: It is the platform you need for social engaging. You can upload, publish, and schedule content across the platform and monitor all metrics of the former. That will help you outline the overall success of your publications, improving your strategy skills. Like Buffer, SproutSocial unites several platforms and connects profiles. The price is $59 per month.

The aforementioned tools will allow you to review your metrics and focus on the areas that will ensure the success of your marketing strategy. Furthermore, you will make social media investment with massive returns. In the next installment of our blog article, 411 Locals will recommend you resources for link analysis and copywriting worth paying for in 2017.