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The previous post was all about the tools that can help you review your website metrics and monitor the progress of your social media strategy. But what about the other aspects of digital marketing and SEO? Which tools will make a difference in 2017? In this post, 411Locals will recommend you a few platforms for link analysis.

Whether you’re an advocate or an opponent of the current link building trends, links remain an essential part of any SEO campaign. The following tools will be a good investment when you seek answers to the most important question – “Am I doing it right?”:

Open Site Explorer: Moz’s favorite tool is about quality backlink profiles. It focuses on link authority and longevity. Paying for OSE’s services makes sense. Its free version allows you to see only the first five backlinks for your domain. For $99 monthly, you will have full visibility, unlimited reports, and access to other tools developed by Moz. You will be able to see anchor texts, page and domain authority, and do research. With Open Site Explorer, you will never have a bad backlink staining your website.

Majestic SEO: Majestic is a freemium tool since 2015. It would be right to say that every SEO professional had to deal with Majestic at some point. The tool calculates the trust ratio which is a site’s trust flow divided by the citation flow. Majestic has its own glossary that will help you understand the industry standards of your backlink profile.

Ahrefs: Old and trustworthy, this tool comes at $99 per month. What makes Ahrefs unique is its easy-to-use competition research function. You can identify viral content and observe the keywords used in it. In other words, Ahrefs is helpful for both link building and content marketing.

Buzzstream: You can cover multiple aspects of your online marketing strategy with this tool. It is useful for email outreach and link building. Buzzstream is also great for team tasks. You can simplify task sharing once you set up your account. The latter is the only downside of the platform – the sign-up details are somewhat complicated.

Test the aforementioned tools to enhance your campaign. 411 Locals will give you more information about SEO-related tools and resources in the next post, so be sure to get back.