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landing page convertsTransform Visitors into Customers!

Like with all our articles, we will start by explaining the fundamentals of the main subject and break them down afterward so that everything becomes clear. Today’s topic will be the Landing Page and the secrets it holds to unveiling the full potential of your online marketing campaign.

Let’s go through the theory quickly and get it out of the way so that we can get to the meat and potatoes of traffic conversion and the better understanding the value of having a well crafted Landing Page on your business website.

Time is a thief!270
People’s online search habits are constantly evolving, and it is very easy to lose the attention of a person if you do not have what it takes. That’s the whole concept behind the Landing Page, and its main goal is to invite the user to take the desired action and guide them into completing it.

We will shed light upon the matter with a few examples of different ways where various traffic sources can be utilized with specifically designed Landing Pages.

  • mouseiconWhen traffic gets sent through a PPC (pay per click) marketing campaign (Google AdWords is an easy and popular example) to a few different landing pages that are properly optimized and contain the exact keywords that the person has used in their search.
  • bannersBanner ads and sponsorship graphics are a great source of traffic, especially when they lead to a specific landing page that is designed to address the target audience in particular.
  • emailEmail marketing may be an old school method, but it still gives pretty good results and actually has an effect, even more so when the content of the email is directed to a landing page designed to encourage the user to make the purchase in mind.
  • connectionsBlog posts (just like this one!) or a link from a sidebar can often be substantially beneficial for leading traffic onto a landing page if their content is pre-selling affiliate products or encourages a subscription of sorts.
  • contentAnother example is when the page that you are reading is a content landing page that is created to help organize different but related pages that are all designed around a single theme and subject.

You are probably already keen on learning some more details and key insight into how landing pages are created, what is used to come up with a great idea for them and how they are designed to turn a simple browsing user into a paying customer. All this consists of multiple steps that lead to the creation of a remarkable page which, in turn, delivers stunning results and has what it takes to convert traffic into profit.

At 411 Locals, we have been studying, researching, and developing Landing Pages for quite a while, and our web designers can be of great benefit to you if you are looking for acquiring an advantage over your competitors. Let us know what you think of this type of page, and feel free to ask our team for assistance on the matter!