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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Welcome back to the summary of the most important changes in SEO by the end of September. This part will introduce you to the social media aspects of the latest updates. 411Locals will also give you some insights concerning the current SEO and online marketing trends.

New Rules: Getting a Verified Profile on Facebook

Facebook has implemented new rules for branded content. Evidently, the verification of your FB business page is becoming more important than ever. Verified celebrities, public figures, and easily recognizable brands have blue badges. On the other hand, companies and businesses, especially local ones, receive gray badges. Verifying your FB business page is a smart move since it boosts your rankings and your trust metrics,  as well as widens your audience. Basically, businesses have two options for verification: over the phone or via documentation. The latter takes time since you need to upload business documentation, and confirming your business’ legitimacy is also time-consuming.

Summary of Last Month’s Conferences, Podcasts, and SEO Debates

The future of search marketing, as always, can be described as an industry that’s been through a lot of changes. The survival of any company in the SEO business depends on its ability to use update hits as opportunities to learn, grow, and share with the rest of the community. While it is impossible to sort out the top tools and trends in SEO for the rest of the year, 411 Locals can present to you some important metrics for last month, considering the information shared in leading SEO blogs and personal pages:

  • It turns out that almost ⅔ of their time, SEOs are creating quality content: this task is far more time-consuming than removing duplicate content, data analysis, keyword research, link building and others.
  • Over 28% of the SEO gurus point out that building relevant backlinks is their biggest challenge: while last year’s huge issue was mobile optimization, the current focus is on finding places for backlinks which are worth the effort.

In conclusion, this month’s changes in the SEO world showed that constant learning is a must – not for this year, not for tomorrow, but right now. Since search marketing will always be driven by content, link, and mobile-friendly practices, it is clear that, no matter what forms of content marketing work best for you, earning backlinks to your content is what makes you grow. New technologies will be on their way in the future, so our job as SEO specialists is to determine what works best for our sites.