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411 Locals dedicates this article to the top 3 trends in PPC in 2018.

Number 1: Voice & Visual Search

There has  been a lot of talk and hype around voice search, and numerous smart speakers have been sold because of this. This is the first time voice search has brought full sentences to the way we ask engines and the answers we receive from them.

Of course, both voice and visual search are still emerging, and this is the perfect opportunity to keep a close eye on their development. We won’t necessarily build specific ad campaigns around these, but watching them and learning more about them will definitely pay off in the future.

We should consider that there are two types of receiving results – via screen and via voice. This should lay the foundation of how we think about voice searches.


Number 2: Structured Data

As we already known, Google has launched a new version of the structured data testing tool for rich results. The thing is, we will talk more and more about structured data in ads in 2018, and this is not just for SEO.

Do you remember the Google Manufacturer Center that has never been a trend since it first appeared two years ago? The 411 Locals team believes that now is the time when manufacturers and brands will start paying attention to it. Original manufacturers and brands are allowed to upload data to the center that includes rich product information, titles, images, videos, etc. The concept behind this is to enrich Google’s overall product catalog.

Also, do not forget that Google is not the only platform relying on structured data and other sources to power ad campaigns.


Number 3: Аutomating Production

Artificial intelligence will most-certainly have an impact, and we believe a significant impact, on the work of paid search predictions. Even 2017 was automated enough, and we can only expect dramatic improvement in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence will take over more tasks, and the technicians will no longer spend hours on tedious keyword research, for example. They will have the chance to focus on other tasks and significantly improve their work.

We are really excited about the future changes, and we know you will be too!