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Reliable Methods Tested by 411Locals

Google Keyword Planner is an essential tool and it is important to know how to use it. However, you have other options to find new phrases and synonyms for your SEO campaign apart from its basic function. Here are some of the suggestions offered by 411Locals:

Competition Research

Just open a competitor’s site and explore what kind of keywords he has used in his copy (text). Look in the headings, the beginning of the paragraphs, as well as in image titles. You can also check the source of the web page (Ctrl+U). There you can look for “keyword” tag (use Ctrl+F) and check what they have entered. Bear in mind – not everyone is putting their keywords there. Then you can copy/paste those words in Google Keyword Planner (GKP). Do you remember that “Your landing page” section just under the field where you enter the words? Paste the competitor’s URL there. Use the filters and you can get some really neat suggestions.

Google Suggest

Simply type your keyword in Google Search. At the bottom, you will find a few suggestions from the engine. When you find something relevant, go one step forward. There you will find even more synonyms. Then you can check each one of them in GKP to see if the words have value.


There you can find content written by users. You will know how a user calls a service. Every topic could be a potential niche and a potential article for your clients! When you find the right thread (use for example “keyword”+”forum/board/forums”) you can paste the URL in GKP. Wikis, competitor sites, Reddit subreddits, Moz categories, Pinterest boards and other URLs can be used the same way.

Webmaster Tools/Google Webmasters

You can use them to check how people find your website. If you have just launched your website, this wouldn’t be of much use in the beginning. But as soon as you gain some visits and queries, you will be able to see how the users have found your website. For example, you notice that 4 people have found your site while searching for “app for cleaning house” and there is even one click. Let’s say you haven’t optimized your website for this word and you have just discovered a new variation of the main phrase. Run it through GKP to check search volume.

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