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Avoiding and Preventing Google’s Intervention

The most terrifying words that can make a website owner’s skin crawl are “Google’s updating the algorithm again.” This is not intended to be a fear-mongering article, but you are free to make your own conclusions.
So, when we are talking about Google and its algorithms, we always deduce to the most negative results, bad outcome and overall apocalyptic expectations. The most common reason for the search engine to look upon your website with a frown is the possible spam that you may have accidentally included.

What are the most common types of spam:

User generated spam
Spammers that use automated tools intend to spam your website (depending on its type) with unwanted and irrelevant messages that take advantage of your traffic and direct it to their sources.
The measures you can take here are simply to moderate your site better and take advantage of solutions such as captcha and recaptchas.
If you happen to receive a penalty because of this you should clean it up entirely, not sparing anything that shows the slightest hint of spam.

Thin content
If you refuse to provide enough valuable information to the users, they will not have any use for your site. At least that’s Google’s logic and it uses this factor when filtering the results in its search so that it favors websites with more to offer.
A good example is a blog post with more images than written content explaining the purpose of the article.
If you happen upon a warning from Google regarding the quantity of your content, simply create something additional that will be better perceived by the search engine.

Keyword stuffing
Aside from being extremely difficult and annoying to read, stuffed keywords show Google a few different negative factors such as the lack of actually useful information, no examples, no company details. This way a person who reads the content will not be able to make an educated guess, and the search engine sees that as a reason to downgrade the rating of your website.
If you receive a warning on this note, do not ignore it for nothing and do what is necessary to reduce the density of the keywords and include some more meaning and actual information the readers can use to make a decision.

Unnatural links
Don’t think that Google only looks at the stuff on your page. It goes much deeper than that! If you have decided to try and cheat the search engine with false links from paid sources like blogs or directories, you will most likely be quickly noticed and the necessary manual actions will be taken to prevent you from boosting your website’s rating in this artificial manner.
Avoid using this type of method and you will have no trouble with any hired guns going after the precious traffic generated by your website!

There is a possibility to lose a lot of traffic from a regular algorithm update from Google even without manual spam action. The consequences are truly severe, but are meant for website owners who are obviously involved in spam techniques. Protecting your site from such unfortunate actions is vital, and you can learn more about it when you contact the experts at 411Locals!