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Small Business Owners Don’t Answer 62% Of Phone Calls

Not Answering Phone CallsThere are many discussions online over the ways to measure SEO success and it seems that the toughest question is how to choose the right KPIs for local SEO. As you might already know, local SEO is a very dynamic sector of the online marketing industry. Things change rather quickly and unexpectedly, forcing SEO professionals to adapt on the go.

For many years search rankings were considered a crucial indicator for SEO success, but let’s look at it from the perspective of the business owner. They don’t profit directly from being on the first page of Google, so what they really need is more customers.

Tracking SEO Results (more…)

Getting Better Ranking and Usability from URLs

As everyone in the SEO business knows, URLs are of key importance to rankings. Clear and well-structured, intuitive URLs can get a lot of traffic solely by themselves, which is why we will delve into the subject a bit more to learn how we can take full advantage of that.

Relevance may be the only simple benefit from an accurately defined URL, you may think. But you think wrong. The website’s URL is the first step in optimizing your entire structure, which also leads to a whole new world of benefits that even surpass SEO.

  • User Experience
  • Site Maintenance
  • Content Management
  • Offline Marketing

These are among the most constructive and fundamental advantages of a well-established URL structure, which many people describe as a tree-like relationship between pages. (more…)

The Future of SEO. Key Factors to Focus on in 2016

Seo Meter 2016Following all the updates and constant changes that Google is making to the principles on which the search engine works, it is very difficult to be 100 percent sure about what works and how. We already know that a lot of the old spammy techniques have no place in modern SEO, because they simply get what’s coming to them.

So, it’s time to look at the factors that are still working and will continue to work in the future, as well as which of the factors work better than others. This will help you focus on what is actually important and will let you know what the factors of lesser importance are (which should not be ignored if you are going in-depth with your SEO).

For now, it’s safe to say that the main factors that are simply essential and act as building blocks upon which to start enhancing your rankings are:

  • Responsive websites optimized for mobile use
  • Improve how the value of your work is perceived by customers
  • Easily readable content, concise, and free of fluff


How to Simply Fix a Faulty Keyword Strategy

Faulty Keyword Strategy fix

Maybe, at one point, something will happen and render keywords irrelevant. Until then, they will determine the rankings and SEO strategy of every business that tries to establish a successful online presence.

The misleading obsession with keywords and high rankings has become very unhealthy, especially in the recent years when it is common knowledge that the term “Search Engine Optimization” is currently the exact opposite of what it was in the beginning.

Keywords certainly give a relatively accurate measure of progress when it comes to how our website is doing in terms of SEO. However, the real problem is that apart from localized rankings for business listings, keyword ranking is practically useless.

Let’s explain why.

Are you stuck with your keyword strategy from 2005? Wake up because it’s 2015.

SEO was a very straightforward process back when search engines were mostly one dimensional because you would get basically the same results for a given search, wherever you were in the world. Under these conditions, rankings for keywords were quite simple as a metric, even transparent. (more…)

What Do We Do When Copy Isn’t Selling?

copywriting word in wood type

Copywriting and content marketing is going to be the topic again. Since everything else is changing rapidly, we have to keep up with the content as well because its evolution is never far behind.

The biggest challenge for creative writers is being able to attract an audience and convert it into buyers. It’s not enough to become visible and make your products, services, and brand known to the rest of the world – it’s conversion that hurdles every novice copywriter, and it’s conversion that is the hardest part for every marketer.

Trading goods and services online is a major part of the worldwide economy right now, and online marketing directs the flow of sales. Practice makes it clear that marketers don’t need to be ‘natural salesmen’ to be successful in converting readers into clients.
Let’s see what the reasons may be for the lack of sales and low conversion rates.

Customers simply don’t like what you sell

It’s tough to hear, but you have to face the truth at some point and start making changes before it’s too late. If the product or service you offer is not attracting customers, there is no mysterious way to market it successfully.

It’s understandable to be passionate about something you like and find useful, but if your audience doesn’t share your passion, it’s hard to find a common ground upon which to build consumer trust. Especially if you have already invested a lot of time and resources into it, it will be even harder to embrace change. (more…)

Increasing Growth with Conversion Optimization

CRO, or conversion rate optimization is one of the only possible ways to really drive your business forward and increase your website’s efficiency. It takes advantage of the effort you have invested so far into traffic generation and rankings and transforms all of those leads and visitors into paying customers.

However, not all types of CRO actually lead to growth.

It is really important for you to combine your general initiative and strategy with your CRO strategy in order to utilize its full potential.

First, growth is changing everywhere. Online advertising is leading all types of businesses across all industries to go forward and become noticed by a broader audience, but this means that it’s getting substantially competitive to win a part of that audience.

This requires from us to take a different look at growth and how to generate revenue. Not only has marketing changed, if not completely transformed in the last 10 years, but we also see how things that worked last year have simply lost their buzz today! Google’s algorithms are running out quicker than SEOs can keep up with them and adapt their work accordingly.

How the big guys do it

On the other hand, we see companies like Facebook and Dropbox literally explode with growth in the past 10 years, and we see no trace of the traditional advertising methods in their strategies. (more…)